NWR193HE 高能量准分子激光剥蚀系统
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      High Energy Laser Ablaon for ICP-MS
      ESI’s NWR193HE provides the highest energy for ablaon of the most challenging matrices

      The Most Advanced Excimer System
      ·  COMPex Pro 102, provides high energy
         193nm, readily coupling with difficult
         materials like highly transparent quartz.
      ·  Energy densies > 50 Jcm-2
      ·  Pulse-to-Pulse Energy Stability < 1% RSD
      ·  Infinitely variable apertures (IVA) provides
         spot size selecon between 2 and 300
         μm—2 magnificaon factors available
      ·  Oponal rotang XY shu7er for square
         and rectangular ablaons
      ·  External homogenizaon of the beam
         ensures craters with the fla0est profile.
      ·  100mm x 100mm, TwoVol2 ablaon cell.
      ·  Unmatched High Definion Video
      ·  Touch screen, Wide Angle Navigaon
         compable with ALL sample chambers

      ·  Stage-triggering of laser source
      ·  Class leading AcveView2 so9ware

      Electro Scienfic Industries' Laser Ablaon Division is pleased to introduce the NWR193HE, high energy;
      excimer-based laser ablaon system is specifically designed for solid sampling introducon to
      ICP, ICP-MS, noble gas MS and stable isotope MS instruments of all makes and models. Its high energy
      density (>35J/cm2) at the sample, homogenized beam and short 193 nm wavelength makes it
      ideal for opaque and highly transmissive materials alike.



      Please find attached a data-sheet and specs for the new HE system. Obviously this needs a lot of work but hopefully this works as a first pass to enable you to compete for the current tenders.
      The system has 2 available magnification factors that the customer can choose between:
      1) Smaller spots 2-~175 with an energy density in excess of 50 J cm-2
      2) Larger spots 4 - ~300 with an energy density in excess of 35 J cm-2
      So we can compete with ASI and Geolase for the large spots sizes, but we can also compete with Teledyne at the higher energy densities.

      NWR193HE Specifications summary




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